Deliverables & Outcomes

The project’s limited scope reduces the activities to the theoretical preparatory work: elaboration of the criteria of mentor assessment, redaction of an ISO 17024 compliant mentor certification scheme manual and develop the specific Experts Committee required by the ISO requirements. The certification scheme will be a ready for use tool but its practical experimentation goes beyond the scope of this project, in terms of time as well as budget, and will be carried out after the project’s end, in further projects.

Project's  4x4 vertical and horizontal issues of the training material development:

  • Vertical issues:
    • tourism industry – working group led by BBS      
    • Fin Tech – led by LBU                                                  
    • agro-food industry – led by UCP                            
    • construction industry – led by WUT                      
  • Horizontal issues:
    • transition – led by BBS
    • start-ups – led by LBU
    • nascent entrepeneurs – led by UCP
    • mature enterprises – led by WUT

Results on the completion of the project:

  • The final result is foreseen on the completion of the project: an ISO-compliant certification scheme targeting, after experimentation beyond the project, the improvement of the national and international level of recognition of business mentors.
  • A long-reaching result of the project will be the elaboration of interregional projects aiming at the establishment of integrated regional networks of certified business mentors in a number of European regions extendable to new regions and countries.
  • A Business plan will be drawn up for the exploitation and sustainability of the project’s results after the project’s end. This Business plan will include an agreement on the intellectual property rights of the results, a definition of a business model of the certification scheme for maintenance, update and sustainability, and a definition of rules for a free access to all outputs produced through the project. This Business plan will be elaborated in cooperation with the certification bodies representing themselves in the Expert Committee and with others getting interested in the project during its implementation


A European Certification for Business Mentors - YouTube video with the partners' representatives: