IO2-Sector-based training materials

In the framework of the Intellectual Output 2, totally 8 sector-based training materials are to be elaborated using the inputs (first of the sectorial skill cards) of the OI1 work package – Preparatory analysis.
These training materials help mentors or potential mentors acquire the specialities, the different characteristics of the selected economic sectors; the knowledge of the mentors is significantly enhanced via these new curricula.
The mentors specialised of the various sectors can help each other’s work and complement the knowledge of a future mentor-network on regional or later on European level. A mentor specialised in a sector can be awarded the sector's label.

The planned innovative training materials widen the mentor's training profile with strongly needed specialised dimensions. The mentor networks with the ambition of covering regions geographically  requires the skills provided by these specialisation trainings taking the professional regional needs into account. The trainings elaborated in the framework of the international cooperation led in each case by a partner strong in the field ensures high transferability to future extended partnerships.
Some of the partners have participated in the development of TRUST-Me modules. In that project more general topics were elaborated connecting to the basic level of mentors as Marketing, finance and budget, Production and costs, Human Resource Management, etc. In the MentorCert project, partners use similar development methods and tools and include the lessons learnt from the problems and difficulties met during the TRUST-Me project.
The pedagogical approach is blended-learning with the lion’s share of on-line training with simulation games.
The planned topics of the training material development are mentioned in the results of IO1.
Vertical issues:

  • Tourism industry – working group led by BBS
  • Fin Tech – led by LBU
  • Agro-food industry – led by UCP
  • Construction industry – led by WUT

Horizontal issues:

  • generational transition – led by BBS
  • start-ups – led by LBU
  • nascent entrepreneurs – led by UCP
  • mature enterprises – led by WUT

Those participant institutions who were not partners in the TRUST-Me development (but old partners in other projects) may need to make more efforts to learn about the training material development of that project, but they will be helped by the trainers and experts of BBS and ADINVEST International.


The Methodology Collection is attached below. The e-learning modules are available at the following link: 

Work package:
Start: 01-03-2018     End: 30-09-2019      Languages: English

Download this file (MentorCert_IO2_Methodology collection_final.pdf)MENTORCERT Methodology Collection[MentorCert Methodology Collection]3787 kB