IO3-Criteria of business mentor assessment

Preceding projects and MentorCert produce curricula for SME mentor candidates who wish to become general mentors of Small-and-Medium-sized-businesses AND to be recognised for accomplishing supplementary trainings in special sectors of entrepreneurship.

The mastery of the partnerships ensured the quality of the courses but the trainees having succeeded in finishing the courses could not receive any national, international and even less European recognition. In order to remedy this the old partners invited EFCoCert, a new partner with the European mission to develop and manage competence certification schemes for non-regulated professions in Europe. These certification procedures intend to provide concerned people with recognition and validation of their formal and non-formal learning, ensuring a European transparency of their qualification.

In the Intellectual Output 3, the first step on the way to mentor certification is taken: the results of the above mentioned mentor trainings and the analysis on the levels of mentorship in IO1 are to be transformed into criteria of mentor assessment. The work programme consists in establishing the competence matrixes, joint to different levels and sectors of mentorship, and generate the system of assessment criteria which can be inserted into a certification process.
This transformation provides criteria to be used into a sophisticated blended-examination procedure to be experienced in further cooperation of the partners. The quality of IO3 (and that of the forthcoming certification scheme) is ensured, beyond the mastery of the partners, by the international Expert Committee (see: in IO4) composed of interested parties and accredited certification bodies from all over Europe. This makes the impact of IO3 (and IO4) significant on the European entrepreneurial milieu and to facilitate the transfer the results to new partner countries in Europe.

Work package:
Start Date: 01-06-2018     End Date: 30-04-2019     Languages: English