IO2-Sector-based training materials

In the framework of the Intellectual Output 2, totally 8 sector-based training materials are to be elaborated using the inputs (first of the sectorial skill cards) of the OI1 work package – Preparatory analysis.
These training materials help mentors or potential mentors acquire the specialities, the different characteristics of the selected economic sectors; the knowledge of the mentors is significantly enhanced via these new curricula.
The mentors specialised of the various sectors can help each other’s work and complement the knowledge of a future mentor-network on regional or later on European level. A mentor specialised in a sector can be awarded the sector's label.

IO1-Mentor level and Sector-based analysis

Intellectual Output 1 is the final result of the preliminary analysis phase. This exploratory investigation focuses on two important areas necessary for the preparation of the training material development and the mentor certification.

PT - UCP - Portuguese Catholic University


  Faculty of Biotechnology – Portuguese Catholic University

Portuguese Catholic University - Regional Centre of Porto (UCP-CRP) is a well-established University – located in Porto, in the North of Portugal, focused both on Teaching and Research and complementing its mission with a range of activities related to society with a focus on promoting Partnerships, Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer. The UCP at Porto has a Business School, and specific Technical and Scientific Services to society in different areas of knowledge.

UK - LBU - Leeds Beckett University


  Leeds Beckett University

Leeds Business School at Leeds Beckett University has over 5,000 students studying a range of academic and applied higher education programmes. It is based in the prestigious Rose Bowl building in the heart of Leeds’ thriving financial and business district.