Inception idea: SME mentoring more efficient than sole training

25 years ago, soon after Hungary entered in the capitalist operating mode, the Budapest Business School (BBS) started to put entrepreneurship education on the top of its priority list soon after the change of the regime. It was clear for the school’s management that the role of the small and medium size enterprises, legitimised by the new political establishment, will be crucial for the new democratic society in terms of the economy, employment and social affairs as well.

The experience gained during that period and from the direct involvment in several in European vocational education and training projects (see hereafter) and, as well the feedback of the entrepreneurs participating in the corresponding training showed an astonishing coincidence with international research pointing out that mentoring increasingly proves to be a more effective mechanism than training (e.g. Gray 2011 in International Journal of HRM).

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O1 - Competency framework and skill card for mentors

Cross-cutting comparative study presenting the state of art of mentoring SMEs in the participating countries with special interest in the role of VET (Vocational Educaiton and Training) institutions in it.

Drawing upon this analysis the conceptualisation of a model will be carried out. This model will include the necessary competences and skills of an SME mentor enabling him/her to help SMEs’ CEOs improve the performance of his/her enterprise.
The outcomes of this research will be a preliminary competency framework and skill card of SME mentors.

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