O2 - Training module 1 - Assessment tool of entry level of a Mentor

The trainings to be developed will target two groups:
- the future mentors who can candidate themselves from the academic sphere
- the entrepreneurial milieu and CEOs who wish to be mentored.

In order to be taken for the participation both target groups need to cope with entry requirements.

As for the mentors the output of O1 - Competency framework and skill card for mentors will define the final level of knowledge, competence and skills the mentor must achieve by the end of the trainings. 
The fields are entrepreneurial /economic knowledge enabling the mentor to offer inclusive strategic help to SMEs and soft skills needed to create appropriate personal and professional relation with CEOs.
Out of the 4 modules of the TRUST-ME solution, this is the first module.

Having defined the entry level an assessment procedure will be worked out composed of three major elements:

  • a CV review,
  • questionnaires
  • and interviews.

In case of unsuccessful entry examinations, the mentors will be refused or reoriented to existing trainings. For instance, the Finnish, the Romanian and the Hungarian partners can offer inclusive entrepreneurial trainings on-line thanks to a previous European project, ENELFA.

Similar procedure is foreseen for the CEOs wishing to be mentored. The difference is in the level of basics in entrepreneurship and also that the CEOs don’t need to be examined for the soft skills. As for the pilot trainings CEOs will participate only in the soft skill examination of the mentors since the content of Module 3 can be confidential by business nature.

The key activities contributing to this deliverable:

  • O2/A1: Guidelines based on the Competency framework & skill card
  • O2/A2: Development of Part1 - Elements for the basic knowledge assessment – CV review
  • O2/A3: Development of Part2 - Elements for the basic knowledge assessment – questionnaires
  • O2/A4: Development of Part3 - Elements for the basic knowledge assessment – interviews
  • O2/A5: Translation into French, Hungarian and Romanian
  • O2/A6: Finalisation in all the 4 working languages