O5 - Module 4 - Tool for continuing assessment

The assessment procedure to be elaborated in this module is composed of three phases during the project:
- The starting point of the module is given by the results of O1 - Competence framework and skill card for mentors
- The digital sub-group of this module will work in coherence with those of the module O3 - Training module 2 - Soft skills of a mentor, and
- of the module O4 - Training module 3 - Diagnosing and accompanying SMEs 
in order to be able estimate learning outcomes anticipated by the ends of the mentioned periods.

This module 4 will produce assessment materials corresponding to these outcomes. These assessment tools will be exclusively on-line together with the whole examination procedures.

It is up to the digital sub-group to decide the different approaches to be applied during these assessments. However, interactive questionnaires and simulation games will play the main role of the assessment procedures.

The working group will be helped by two important elements of the implementation structure:

  • An advisory group composed of the module leaders and chaired by a Hungarian expert specialised in VET curriculum development will work to pick out, identify and eliminate occasional discrepancies between the entry level and the levels required by the training phases of module 2 and 3. With all the controlling structural elements of the project (Quality Assurance expert, Steering Committee) this expert committee is needed to nail down the mentioned discrepancies in time.
  • The monitoring dashboard to be proposed by the Quality Assurance expert will ensure a mechanical monitoring of the implementation. The quality monitoring carried out by the advisory board will complement this continuous monitoring.

The key activities contributing to this deliverable:

  • O5/A1: Guidelines of assessment tools based on structure of the first 3 modules
  • O5/A2: Development of the assessment tools in English (by an Advisory Board)
  • O5/A3: Translation into French, Hungarian, Romanian and Finnish
  • O5/A4: Finalisation in all the 5 working languages.