O3 - Training module 2 - Soft skills of a Mentor

Modules 2 and 3 are the central training modules of the TRUST-ME project where module 2 focuses on soft skills necessary for a mentor to get into fruitful working contact with the SMEs’ CEOs and module 3 concentrating on the analytic competences.

The two modules are new in the sense that one partner with rich experience in mentoring and operating mentor networks but without practice in sophisticated curriculum development joins forces with partners having mastery in developing professional courses for SMEs with diverse pedagogical approaches but not in mentor trainings and especially not in operating wide networks offering strategic services for CEOs of SMEs.

O4 - Training module 3 - Diagnosing and accompanying SMEs

This training module, called “Diagnosis and accompanying” is the heart of the project where an inclusive and overarching analysis of the enterprise is carried out and followed by counselling and accompanying the CEO. 
A first step consists in drawing-up the cartography of the regional dimensions of entrepreneurship including the analysis of the regional needs, possibilities, concurrences, risks and available financial resources. 
At a second stage a “photography” of the SME is prepared, starting with the CEO, verification of the aptitudes, capacities (strength and weaknesses), depicting of the competency limits; and followed by the analysis of the team, its competences, the key persons and the resources in the team’s disposal.

O5 - Module 4 - Tool for continuing assessment

The assessment procedure to be elaborated in this module is composed of three phases during the project:
- The starting point of the module is given by the results of O1 - Competence framework and skill card for mentors
- The digital sub-group of this module will work in coherence with those of the module O3 - Training module 2 - Soft skills of a mentor, and
- of the module O4 - Training module 3 - Diagnosing and accompanying SMEs 
in order to be able estimate learning outcomes anticipated by the ends of the mentioned periods.

O6 - Guidelines for the establishment of the Entrepreneurship Centres

The three VET partners BBS, UBB and ADINVEST International have accumulated an impressive amount of experiences in SME support activities. This gave birth to the idea of establishing SME support centres, called Entrepreneurship Centres, to be integrated into the institution’s body and offering a cluster of trainings and mentoring activities for SMEs. The Finnish partner LAMK already has such a centre which can be a starting point for the definition of the Entrepreneurship Centre.

A Multi-Actors Partnership

A multi-actors partnership has been established with 3 higher education institutions and 3 non university partners. Two of the universities are from the newest Member states (HU and RO) where market economy has been (re-)discovered relatively recently with a booming of enterprises and business managerial experience which now requires stronger support and consolidation processes.