MentorCert: Final Report acceptance

Budapest, Leeds, Porto, Warsaw, June 2020


The coordinator - Budapest Business School - received the evaluation of the Final Report
and the 28 months implementation of the MentorCert project in June 2020.

The partners and all members of the project team can be proud,
because the project received an exceptionally good rating from the Hungarian ERASMUS+ Agency:
100 / 100 points.

The overall comments of the Agency are the following:

“The aims and products set in the MentorCert project were fully realized.
The implementation of the project results and events is characterized by thorough planning,
careful execution, evaluation, feedback and correction/modification if necessary.
The intellectual outputs created in the project are of good quality, unique and significant at European level.
Congratulations on a well-organised, high-quality professional work and cooperation.
MentorCert project is recommended as a Good Practice.”

1000p Erasmus MENTORcert 100 points