MentorCert Pilot training

In all the four participating countries (Portugal, the UK, Poland and Hungary) a 2-day pilot training will be organised for 20-20 participants. One vertical and one horizontal topic (see below) will be tested in each country through face-to-face trainings, e-learning materials and with the usage of a business simulation game.
The participants of the trainings are kindly asked to complete the feedback forms regarding the e-learning materials and the face-to-face trainings. It will help a lot in the finalisation and further development of the training programme and the materials for the project partners.
We are sure that the pilot trainings will be interesting and useful for everybody!
Thanks for your participation and your valuable feedbacks in advance!
MentorCert project team

PILOT TRAINING IN PORTO (PORTUGAL) - 7th and 14th of June 2019

PILOT TRAINING IN BUDAPEST (HUNGARY) - 27th of September, 4th of October and 11th of October 2019 

PILOT TRAINING IN WARSAW (POLAND) - between 4th and 19th of October 2019

PILOT TRAINING IN LEEDS (UK) - 14th and 15th November 2019



  1. facilitate mentoring and coaching techniques by development of the business mentor trainings set for relevant horizontal and vertical issues. University Partners of the MentorCert project (Budapest Business School - BBS, Leeds Beckett University - LBU, Catholic University of Portugal - UCP and Warsaw University of Technology - WUT) deal with the following trainings preparation (syllabuses and training materials) with working groups responsibilities:

                    Vertical issues:                                                           Horizontal issues:

                    Tourism industry – led by BBS                                Transition – led by BBS

                    Fin Tech – led by LBU                                               Business start-ups – led by LBU

                    Agro-food industry – led by UCP                            Nascent entrepreneurs – led by UCP

                    Construction industry – led by WUT                       Mature enterprises – led by WUT

  1. prepare a solid basis for recognition of mentor qualifications: vocabulary, fundamentals and requirements for the mentor and certification bodies using the experience of ADINVEST International and the guidance of EFCoCert.



E-learning - Multimedia presentations

Introduction and learning objectives - Overview of the sector

- Scale and scope of the sector - Case studies

- Value creation models - Case studies

- Mapping the sector - Case studies

- Futures - Case studies

- Multimedia Videos - Glossary - Assessment - questions and answers - References and further resources



CESIM simulations allows participants to put theory into practice in a risk-free environment. Through this kind of experimentation, participants can put theories to the test, see what works, and become innovative in their solutions to problems. Learning outcomes are highly dependent on the conditions and motivation for learning. The game-like nature of business simulations is proven to engage participants and develop deep-learning skills such as collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving.

Learning to fail and to cope with uncertainty

Failure is never pleasant, but learning from your own mistakes is key part of self-improvement. Business simulations provide a risk-free environment where failure is safe, yet the lessons learned are genuine and applicable in real life.



- EU MENTORCERT 2000: European certification of business mentors – Fundamentals and vocabulary

- EU MENTORCERT 2001: European certification of business mentors – Requirements

- EU MENTORCERT 2021: European certification of business mentors – Requirements for certification bodies


MentorCERT project based on the results of previous An Erasmus+ project led by BBS and called TRUST ME (TRaining for Unique Skills and Techniques for MEntoring). TRUST ME produced a (soft) skill card for general SME-mentors, a hard knowledge package necessary for a mentor and also few assessment tools (entry level, continuing assessment and final assessment) for the mentor training courses.

Download this file (MentorCert_flyer_2019_final.pdf)MentorCert flyer 2019[MentorCert flyer 2019]1829 kB
Download this file (MentorCert_IO2_Agrofood Sector_UCP.pdf)Training material with cases[Agro-food Sector]1501 kB
Download this file (MentorCert_IO2_Business start-up_LBU.pdf)Training material with cases[Business start-ups]1016 kB
Download this file (MentorCert_IO2_ConstructionSector_WUT.pdf)Training material with cases[Construction Sector]1782 kB
Download this file (MentorCert_IO2_FinTech Sector_LBU.pdf)Training material with cases[FinTech Sector]1228 kB
Download this file (MentorCert_IO2_Mature enterprises_WUT.pdf)Training material with cases[Mature enterprises]762 kB
Download this file (MentorCert_IO2_Methodology collection_final.pdf)MENTORCERT Methodology Collection[Method descriptions to the cases]3787 kB
Download this file (MentorCert_IO2_Nascent entrepreneurs_UCP.pdf)Training material with cases[Nascent entrepreneurs]1453 kB
Download this file (MentorCert_IO2_TourismSector_BBS.pdf)Training material with cases[Tourism Sector]1817 kB
Download this file (MentorCert_IO2_TransitionIssues_BBS.pdf)Training material with cases[Transition]2005 kB
Download this file (TRUST ME_IO3_Module 2_Trainer Handbook.pdf)TRUST ME Handbook[Trainer Handbook with exercises]1261 kB