Meeting feedback forms

Feedback forms for participation to meetings of the TRUST-ME project give you the opportunity to win Open Badges to reflect your participation and contribution to the project.

These Open badges, based on the Open Badges approach supported by the Mozilla Foundation are hosted by the platform. Winners of badges can collect them in their e-portfolio and enrich their personal development plan. In addition, the TRUST-Me project is also developing skills and competences open badges especially on the SME mentoring dimension.

The TRUST-Me project is looking at a supplementary rewarding process based on the badges won by users! so stay tuned!

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Open Badges with TRUST-ME

As the ECVET system, the European Credit system for Vocational and Education Training, is a long process and requires structural involvement at country and professional branch levels to be fully beneficial to the users. The Trust-Me partners decided to deploy the Open Badges approach supported by the Mozilla Foundation. This Open Badges approach is not implemented instead of the ECVET objective of the Trust-Me project, but very well in complement and the preparation of it.

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Feedback forms of MentorCert seminars

List of the feedback forms for each of the e-learning training modules for the MentorCert pilot seminars and the face-to-face trainings.

Please fill in a form after each training module you had. And complete the form on the relevant face-to-face training as well.

It will help us a lot improve the training content and delivery!


Feedback forms: 

E-learning materials:

Face-to-Face seminars:


Thank you very much for your help!

MentorCert Simulation game documents (HU)

MentorCert Cesim Global Challenge Pilot Training

The aim of the pilot project is to measure and improve the hard skills of participants. When speaking of mentoring we often focus on soft skills only. Although in business mentoring the right knowledge of understanding how the different units of a business are connected, how the performance in one field affects the other and what the monatarized consequences of these are is just as important.

Cesim Global Challenge is a perfect tool to evaluate hard skills and practice in a risk-free online environment where the numbers, dependencies and financial statements are very real but the learning curve does not affect real lives and real finances yet.

The simulation consists of a simulated universe where companies producing headsets compete against each other on three different markets with two products per market each. During the training participants learn how to estimate demand, react to changing market conditions and manage their production strategy in two locations. They also make decisions in the fields of R&D, marketing and logistics.

After each round the system calculates results based on saved team decisions and team members can access statements online immediately. They have the possibility to print or download all statements in Excel-format which gives space to further analysis.

Although the simulation is a competition where Total shareholder return, % is seen as winning criteria, it is more of a collective learning experience. We use practice rounds to allow participants to get to know the interface and possibly make bigger mistakes without lasting consequences. These practice rounds are heavily supported. After participants get a good knowledge of the realistic range of investments everything goes back to zero again and the real simulation rounds are starting.

Teams agree on a strategy what they intend to follow during upcoming simulation rounds and start to make decisions. At the end of each round -as mentioned above- they have a chance to evaluate their own and their competitors' performance using online financial statements and market reports in the simulation system.

After every second-third round a discussion session is held where instructors reflect on the performance of teams and give hints about general mistakes and learning points. Instructors answer questions of teams throughout the whole training. These broader sessions are used to discuss learning points in more detail together with all participants. You can play up to three practice rounds and twelve rounds with Cesim Global Challenge. The frequency and number of rounds can be decided by the instructor.

Participants usually arrive with different depth of business knowledge but at the end of the training they leave with an equal knowledge and a shared learning experience. They learn both from correcting their own mistakes and by watching other teams making decisions. They will understand the dependencies and how different fields of a business operation influence each other and what the financial consequences of these decisions are.  


As a preparation for the course

Please watch this tutorial video to get to know the Cesim Global Challenge simulation platform:

After this please complete your registration for the pilot training on the Cesim homepage. For this you will need the course code given by your instructor. Otherwise just follow the instructions on the homepage: fill in your personal data, choose a password to your profile and join a team and click “Finish” in the end.

This will take you less than a half hour. Now please devote a bit more time to dive deeper to the simulation:

In your profile you will find two documents under Readings. Please read these two documents as a preparation. Case Description describes your company in the simulation and the simulation markets. Decision Making Guide is a more detailed document what you should use while already looking at the platform. The most important parts of your profile are Decisions and Results. Please go to Decisions and have a look at the respective chapters of Decision Making Guide.

Thank you for taking time to get to know your simulation profile before starting the pilot training. Now we will play couple of practice rounds where you will gain an even better understanding of Cesim Global Challenge and get answers for your questions regarding the platform and the incorporated theory. After the practice rounds the real rounds will begin.

You and your team should envision a strategy what you intend to follow throughout the rounds. After every second round we will discuss the results together. You can reach financial statements and reports online after each round which are calculated by the system based on saved team decisions.

CESIM Global Challenge Introduction (in English):


Trust-Me Simulation game documents (HU)

Materials to the CESIM ‘Global Challenge’ Business simulation game for TRUST-Me

  • Global Challenge Case description (in Hungarian)
  • Global Challenge Decision making guide (in Hungarian)
  • Cesim Global Challenge Introduction (in English)